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Teaching Jobs

Teaching locations usually lead to some form of teaching, but the roles of advisors, administrators, and school boards are also an option. In fact, the field of education is so diverse that you can pursue hundreds of different careers in education. These jobs can be online, in the classroom, in other countries, or even in centers or at home.

When thinking about Career in education field , becoming a teacher is the most obvious choice. Even within teaching, the subject areas and age groups are so varied that a range of options exist. Below are several areas that can be utilized for employment and educator careers when entering the world of education.

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Career in education field

Job Security:

Teaching Jobs are comparatively secure and well paid jobs with respect in society. Teaching jobs are available after graduation and there is a high demand for teachers in all fields. There is always vacant position for School administrator and teachers.


In Teaching fields there are so many benefits for teacher such as pensions after retirements, gratuity and insurance from the school management. Salary increase plans and paid holidays during winter and summer also included in job.

Teaching Your Passion:

In teaching field you can teach your favorite subjects and discover new facts related to your subject day by day and can improve your education easily. You are not getting bored when you are teaching your favorite subject.

Types of teaching jobs

Here are the common education fields’ positions which are directly related to schooling and teaching field. We have been described their job responsibilities and required education and benefits.

  • Art Teacher
  • Biology Teacher
  • College Professor
  • Elementary School Teacher
  • English Teacher
  • High School Teacher
  • History Teacher
  • Kindergarten Teacher
  • Math Teacher
  • Middle School Teacher
  • Montessori Teacher
  • E. Teacher
  • Principal
  • School Administrator
  • School Counselor
  • School Librarian
  • Science Teacher
  • Special Education Teacher
  • Substitute Teacher
  • Superintendent
  • Teaching Assistant
  • Vice Principal

career, teaching jobs, Career in education field, Teaching Jobs

Art Teacher:

In teaching profession art is an interesting field for all of us and more interesting for children as they like creation and beauty of nature and colorful paintings. Art teacher is one who teaches the creation skills with art. They teach basic techniques in the schools and also educate the students of various ages in academies and other private centers. Art teacher can be work everywhere in the world as they are needed in Schools, Libraries, and other community centers. They can earn by selling their art designs in exhibitions and art competitions.

Biology Teacher:

Biology is the subject in which we read and learn about life at earth and different processes in living and non living species. Biology teacher is the one who educate us different Lab experiments, lessons and examples. This field helps us to learn the human body and leads to the medical and research field on living organs. Biology teacher can work in clubs and medical organization after schooling to get extra income.

College Professor:

College professor is responsible to prepare syllabus material, conduct research work and Classes in their field of expertise.  At College level, professors guide the students to choose the successful career path and fields of interest.  College professor required master degree to join this position however in some cases doctoral degree required.

High School Teacher:

9th & 10th grade students learn from high school teachers, however in some countries 11th and 12th grade also teaching by high school teachers. High school teacher teach the students their specialized subjects and make their concepts through practical and lab experiments and prepare them for universities for higher education and for field if they want to get jobs after graduation. After graduation you can get entry-level jobs and may continue your studies with job.

Middle School Teacher:

Elementary School teacher also called middle school teacher in some countries as they teach the students of 6th to 8th grade. They give basic concept of each subject to the students that’s why this level of schooling is very important to make good concept and base for higher education. At this level of schooling students are teenager and this age is important to set their goals.

History Teacher:

History or Social studies teacher teach the students at middle school, high school and college levels, on each step of schooling history topics and areas changes accordingly. History teacher educate the students about state history, war history, historical events and tell them how to learn from history and make your decisions better. The Nations who not learn from their histories cannot be successful. History teachers arrange the informative trips for their students on historic sites of different ancient societies.

Kindergarten Teacher:

Kindergarten teacher plays a vital role to take first step of child in education world. They teaching the basic study skills, personnel care and reading writing skills. This is the very important time to get knowledge from their kindergarten teacher. The Kindergarten Teachers are responsible to engage the students in emotional, physical and mental activities as well as basic educational tasks. Kindergarten teacher need to be active and mentally strong to deals with children mindset. They would have strong emotional skills as well as special courses designed for teaching young students.

Mathematics Teacher:

Math is the most important subject in education and plays a role in all human lives living on earth.  If we talk about the study of this subject, it is the necessary part of syllabus almost all fields of education such as science, engineering and Medical. For this important subject, the subject teacher should be well qualified according to the level of teaching. Math teachers are most likely found in middle schools and high schools. If we see the higher class’s math divides into more branches such as algebra, geometry, mechanics, Topology and stats etc. and need specialized certification in each branch. Math teacher required master degree in school level and will required doctoral degree or specialization in related branch of math at higher level.

Montessori Teacher:

Montessori teacher is the first teacher of your child at entrance of educational system. These teachers have special Montessori trainings to guide the children and explore their abilities, strengths, and weakness. Montessori training includes how to deal with children’s, how to guide the children, and how to involve them in creative work/activities. They provide a learning atmosphere to their students so that they learn from different activities and surroundings environment. These teachers not teach the students directly but provide the learning opportunities to learn by him.

Physical Education Teacher:

A healthy Body has a healthy mind. A Physical education teacher is responsible for physical activities, sports and games. They suggest and recommend physical activities and games according to their physical health and interest. Coaching in supports activities, instruction in during Gym, exercise at morning, arrangements of supports competitions, and promoting the physical activities culture are the responsibilities of physical education teachers. A bachelor degree with related subjects, special trainings and some where experience is required to become a physical education teacher.


Principal is working as a head of educational activities in a school or college. They maintain the curriculum activities, manage the budgets, fulfill the teacher’s requirement, take actions on suggestions and complaints, and responsible to maintain the discipline of school or college. He is the public representative and a bridge between community, parents and teacher. Principal is reporting to the superintendent. Master degree required with management courses to become a principal however mostly principal position are only for promoted and experienced teachers.

Vice Principal:

Vice principal is working with principal as the supporting member. They support the principal in administrative work and assist the principal of all matters related to discipline, inquiries, supervision and other schedules. Vice Principal is working as an acting principal whenever principal is on leave or out of station on special duties.


Every educational institute has a library in it which supports the students by providing course related and other interested and informative books and researched. Library is just like a bookshop and study place with peaceful environment. Each student of those institutes has rights to issue and read the books from library. A Librarian is the person who maintains the library inventory, responsible to issue and receive the books as well as maintain the disciplined environment in the library study area. Record keeping of issued books and literature, update the library stock, communicate the new arrivals at library to the students and teachers, organizing the library books and database, and manage the budget of library are also the responsibilities of a librarian.

Science Teacher:

Science is the most important part of our study. Without science studies we cannot survive on earth as we are facing different issues related to health and food. With science studies we learn different ways to live safe and healthy and maintain a healthy environment and surroundings. A science teacher plays a vital role in the life of a student. They teach science subjects at middle, high school and college levels. At each level of education we learn a next and advance level of science study. Science teachers are responsible to teach the subject with experiments and live examples. They teach general science subjects to the middle level and a specific science branch such as Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and botany, etc to the higher levels.

Special Education Teacher:

Statistics says 15% of world’s population has disability in different forms. Disable children have rights to get education and play a role in our society with their disability. Each institute, organization has specific number of positions for disable persons according the country Law. There are number of institutes which educate the mentally and physically disable students. Special education teacher are working in institutes which are involves in special education institutes. They have special trainings of teachings; some of them have special courses and techniques to teach with signs and symbols.

Substitute Teacher:

Whenever a teacher is on leave of absent from schools of a lady teacher on maternity leave there is a need of teacher for temporary replacement of said teacher. This teacher is called as substitute teacher. They often paid hourly but in some schools they are regular teacher with no special tasks other than temporary classes. They are responsible to carry on the existing lesson plans till teacher comeback from leave and join their class. Bachelor’s degree is required in most educational organization for substitute teacher.


Teacher Assistant:

As shown by its name Teacher assistant, assist the professional teachers support them in their class works, assignments, research works, and other responsibilities. An associate degree or 2 years college experience is required to become teacher assistant.


In the hierarchy of college management, Superintendent is the higher post than principal. Principals’ deals with school teacher and educational activities however Superintendent is a managerial post which has responsibility of managerial and administration roles. Master degree is required for superintendent post, and Experience at management position are preferred.

School Administrator:

School administrators perform a leading role for school teachers and staff they lead them in their work and support them to fulfill the set goals. Their responsibilities are includes budgeting, curriculum activities, hiring of teachers and staff, evaluation of school’s progress and coordination between teacher and management. Master degree or higher education is preferred for administration positions at school. Duty timings of an administrator often extended than teaching staff comparatively due to their responsibilities.

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